A Quick Guide To Doctor Who

It seems that more than a few of you are alighting on here after seeing my name in Doctor Who Magazine. You're probably looking for the Doctor Who-related articles rather than all that stuff about sixties pop music and Camberwick Green, so here's a handy set of links all in one page...

It's Still A Police Box, Why Hasn't It Changed? - an in-depth series-by series look back at Doctor Who, asking the questions nobody else dares - or can be bothered - to ask.
Series One - Series Two - The Dalek Films - Series Three - Series Four - Series Five - Series Six - Series Seven

Time And Tide Melts The Snowman - a massive dissertation on why Time And The Rani is good, and not bad like you thought. Also explains how the story is linked to Terry Wogan, N.W.A, Richard Herring and Craig Charles singing Tears Of A Clown.
Introduction - Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven - Part Eight

Doctor Who Fan Wars, 1964 Style - some odd exchanges found in the Radio Times letters page... Click Here

Ten Things I Hate About Who - some things that really get my goat about Doctor Who. And its fans. Click Here

Who Is Dr. Who? - a lengthy review of the excellent compilation of baffling early Doctor Who novelty spinoff singles. Click Here

New Who Reviews - a series of reviews of individual episodes. Not always complimentary...
The Long Game - The Idiot's Lantern - Human Nature/The Family Of Blood - Utopia - Silence In The Library/Forest Of The Dead - Amy's Choice - The Doctor's Wife - Night Terrors - The Bells Of St John - When I Got Fed Up And Decided Not To Review Any More New Episodes - Thin Ice

Looking Back At... The Dalek Invasion Of Earth - a look at what else was on BBC TV and Radio and ITV on the same day as the first episode of The Dalek Invasion Of Earth. Click Here

Drahvin Saturday - a look at what else was on BBC TV and Radio and ITV on the same day as the third episode of Galaxy Four. Click Here

The Dalek Invasion Of RAF Finningley - a reconstruction of what went on when William Hartnell and The Daleks attended an air show in 1965. Click Here

And in some books I've written...

Top Of The Box - a complete guide to the singles released by BBC Records And Tapes, with reviews and facts for each one. Includes all of the Doctor Who theme singles (including the unreleased Keff McCulloch one), as well as a couple of spinoffs, related shows like Blake's 7 and Captain Zep - Space Detective, and singles by BBC Radiophonic Workshop members such as Paddy Kingsland and Peter Howell. Available in paperback or from the Kindle Store.

The Camberwick Green Procrastination Society - includes a lengthy look at how the BBC might have celebrated the first anniversary of Doctor Who in long-wiped magazine shows, and a longer version of the piece about Doctor Who being scheduled against Wogan. And, needless to say, tons about all manner of other weird and wonderful archive TV oddities. Available in paperback, from the Kindle Store or as a full colour eBook.

Not On Your Telly - a collection of some of my archive TV-related articles with an emphasis on wiped, banned or just plain ignored shows. Includes detailed features on The Space Pirates, The Android Invasion, and a 1966 BBC Radio adaptation of Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.. Also features a history of the 'Sunday Classics' serials produced by Barry Letts and Terrance Dicks. Available in paperback or from the Kindle Store.

Well At Least It's Free - an anthology of articles and columns from the archives. Includes several lengthy Doctor Who pieces including features on The Underwater Menace, The Daleks' Master Plan and the sixties historicals, and an overview of the entire Russell T. Davies era. Available in paperback or from the Kindle Store.