Here Is A Box (Set)

For a limited time, you can get four books full of stuff by me - that's Well At Least It's Free, Not On Your Telly, The Camberwick Green Procrastination Society and Tim Worthington's Bookshelf - as one huge cut-price eBook. That's nearly six hundred pages on Doctor Who, David Bowie and much more besides.

Amongst that 'much more besides', you can find the following articles that you won't find anywhere else:

Switch On The TV, We May Pick Him Up On Channel Two - a look at David Bowie's lost early television appearances

School's Out! - what would have been the accompanying booklet for the cancelled DVD release of Hardwicke House

The Best Of Times - a full history of the BBC's 'Sunday Classics' slot, masterminded by former Doctor Who production team Terrance Dicks and Barry Letts

Unwatched And Somewhat Slightly Erased - a bold attempt to find something to like in the Doctor Who story that nobody likes, The Space Pirates

Every Time The Slightest Little Thing Goes Wrong - a look at Hanna-Barbera's bizarre attempt at post-Nixon satire for adult viewers, Wait Til Your Father Gets Home

May We Come With You? - Chigley and the end of 'the sixties'

There are tons of other articles too, but you can find more details of them elsewhere on the blog. Anyway, Here Is A Box (Set) is just £3.99 and is available here as a full-colour eBook... but not for long!