Doctor Who Magazine Issue 524

Doctor Who Magazine issue 524 is out on 5th April, and includes a huge feature by me on the story of Doctor Who and BBC Records And Tapes – taking a look at Genesis Of The Daleks, Doctor Who – The Music, Doctor Who Sound Effects and tons of albums and singles you might never have heard of, from the Moonbase 3 theme to Music From BBC Children’s Programmes. There’s the full story behind why certain releases appeared at certain times, where to find obscure Doctor Who-related tracks you might never have noticed, why there was never a Sylvester McCoy theme single, and even a couple of words about the solo albums by members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Elsewhere in the issue, you can also find an interview I did with Klaus Joynson, the mysterious figure behind the excellent album New Adventures In Time And Space.

I’ll also take this opportunity to point out that I’ve written a book about BBC Records And Tapes’ singles – one covering the albums is in the works – which you can find out more about here.

This is an extract from Top Of The Box - The Complete Guide To BBC Records And Tapes Singles, which is available as a paperback here, or from the Kindle Store here.