Looks Unfamiliar Summer Extra: "No More Giant Breads For Us"

Looks Unfamiliar Summer Extra: "No More Giant Breads For Us"

As a special extra Summer treat for Looks Unfamiliar listeners, here’s a compilation of highlights from the archives, with extracts from Summer-themed podcasts by Tim Worthington, Ben Baker, Phil Catterall and Darrell Maclaine. A lot of this hasn’t been available for years, and a lot of it is still rather funny, so we hope you enjoy it! Along the way we talk about Summer Holiday television, Rat On The Road, Wimbledon, The Radio 1 Roadshow, Why Don't You? and Now - The Summer Album; rate the best and worst holiday camps and end of the pier variety acts; and lend an ear to some zany hilarious 'rude' records for fun DJs in wacky nightclubs. We'll also be finding out how to distinguish between different iterations of Mark Curry, what constitutes Roland Rat Canon, what happened when The Grumbleweeds went post-Blue Jam, and what Paul Shane definitely did not do to supplement his Hi-De-Hi! income. Not to mention visiting a Hardwicke House Roadshow.


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