Newsround Extra

There's So Much More In TV Times: Here's The Curtain Track You've Been Waiting For

Another collection of alarming discoveries from the TV Times archives, this time taking a look at the patronising world of sixties DIY ads. Includes the chance to win a big carpet. You can find it here.

Looks Unfamiliar: Emma Burnell - Jessica Wakefield Is Jessica Fletcher Writ Large

There's a new instalment of my 'nostalgia for things nobody else remembers' podcast Looks Unfamiliar, featuring columnist and standup comic Emma Burnell. Includes earnest folk singers AND Sweet Valley High. Hear it here.

The Extraordinary Untold Story Of The World's Weirdest Record Label

I've been interviewed by Alex Marshall for a great feature on BBC Music about the strange story of BBC Records And Tapes. It's full of fascinating and bewildering facts about their equally fascinating and bewildering releases, including some detail on the albums which will be covered in the forthcoming sequel to Top Of The Box. You can read it here.

Cult Q&A

I don't normally tend to 'do' interviews, but the people at the We Are Cult website asked nicely and so here it is. They ask me about all kinds of things, but I still managed to get in a mention of Skiboy. If you're interested in finding out what film I'd make and with what four cast members, you can find it here.

Doctor Who And The Thin Ice

I haven't reviewed any 'new' Doctor Who in quite some time, but have finally been persuaded to again. Thankfully I enjoyed it, so if you want to find out why, and read a lot of shouting about spoilers, story arcs and Monster Munch, then make your way here.

From The Archives...

From my ongoing series of Doctor Who thinkpieces - which, incidentally, will be back soon - it's time for a look at the two sixties Dalek films. You won't be surprised to find that I like them a great deal. Anyway you can find that out for yourself here.