Bits And Pieces - Some Small Snippets Of Radio 1 Comedy You Might Have Missed

To tie in with Fun At One, and following on from the collection of rarely heard shows, here's a handful of shorter and equally elusive clips of Radio 1 comedy...

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore chat to Steve Wright about the Not Only But Also video, and somehow get sidetracked into talking about Derek and Clive.

Lee and Herring cover their ears as The Fake Rod Hull is challenged by Another Fake Rod Hull.

Adam & Joe call the 'CineLine' in their unbroadcast Radio 1 pilot...

John Peel tells Danny Baker about being surprised for This Is Your Life.

The trailer for Lenny Henry's Sunday Hoot.

David Baddiel goes on Steve Wright's show to drum up some contributions for Sound Bites.

Victor Lewis-Smith shows up as a guest on Jonathan Ross' show.

Kenny Everett's original Radio 1 launch trailer.

And bringing us up to date, Phil And Dan promote their Groundhog Day Special.

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