The Top Ten Radio 1 Comedy Rarities

If you've read my book Fun At One - The Story Of Comedy At BBC Radio 1, you may have spotted a few interesting little-heard shows and wondered how you might get to hear them. Well, here are ten of the most interesting little-heard shows, featuring a couple of very familiar names...

The Chris Morris Christmas Show (1990)

Chris Morris' little-heard debut appearance on Radio 1 from Christmas Day 1990, proving a little too strong for nervous 'suits' who neglected to invite him back in the New Year.

Rob And Dave's Comedy Phone-In (1990)

Rob Newman and David Baddiel try their hand at being DJs. Some of the musical choices are amusingly at odds with the image that they tried to project only a year or two later.

Steve 'More Music' Nage (1988)

Victor Lewis-Smith poses as Radio 1's hot new signing fresh from in-store radio, but does he manage to fool anyone...?

John Peel With Stewart Lee, Richard Herring and Stuart Maconie (1996)

Standing in for Mark Radcliffe on The Graveyard Shift, John Peel and a fantastic line-up of guests discuss the 'Swedish Elvis', which of The Goodies is the best at fighting, when Noel Edmonds did and didn't have a beard, and the true horror of Radio's 'Spam Fritter Man'.

Sound Bites With David Baddiel (1991)

David Baddiel and Armando Iannucci sift through cassettes of music and comedy sent in by talented listeners, including the legendary demo tape from one Cameron Ingrams.

Skyman (1993)

Mark Radcliffe's little-remembered sci-fi sketch and music show, broadcast alongside Out On Blue Six and making up the most mind-melting ninety minutes ever heard on Radio 1.

Jools Holland (1993)

It's widely forgotten now but the post-The Tube Jools Holland fancied himself as a bit of a comic, and was pretty good at it too. Here's an episode of his Madcap Ealing-esque globetrotting sitcom, which sees him in search of the lyrics to an old blues record with a little help from Vic Reeves.

Newsbanger (1992)

The little-heard Radio 1 special of Radio 4's rockarama newsbanana, with a priceless introduction from Simon Bates, and a touching heartfelt message from Armando Iannucci at the end.

John Shuttleworth Presents Alan's Big 1FM (1994)

When Alan Davies goes on holiday for two weeks in the middle of a running storyline on his own show, it's up to John to try and make sense of things.

The Chris Morris Music Show - 'Heseltine' (1994)

And finally, yes, it's THAT one... and in full!

Fun At One - The Story Of Comedy At BBC Radio 1, which covers all of the above and more, is available in paperback here or from the Kindle Store here.