Well At Least It's Free

Well At Least It's Free is an anthology collecting over two hundred pages' worth of highlights from my various and numerous pieces of writing for fanzines, websites, DVD booklets and forewords for other people's books, all of it in expanded and improved form and some of it previously unseen. Yes, you too can catch up on such classic articles, rants and thinkpieces from the archives as...

They Could Have Been Bigger Than Bonekickers - from Star Cops to Strange, a full series by series guide to all of the shows that the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and even some satellite broadcasters tried to make into the next big sci-fi hit while Doctor Who was off the air

Hamble In The Sight Of The Bored - the life and times of television's most hated doll

Do The Russell! - from Eccleston to Tennant, an epic-length overview of the first phase of Doctor Who's comeback

Jacob's Flagger - why the Lost finale was the most pathetic con-trick in the entire history of television

Winter's Tales - an in-depth look back at the BBC's old run-up-to-Christmas supernatural children's serials, with The Box Of Delights, The Children Of Green Knowe and many more

The Sci-Fi That Time Forgot - a tribute to the books, records, films and even board games that used to keep us in outer space thrills while our favourite shows were off the air

School's Out - what would have been the complete DVD booklet for the scuppered DVD release of still-controversial sitcom Hardwicke House

Billy Lyre - why Doctor Who's mostly-wiped black and white historical stories are more interesting than you might think

Plus tons more about Watch With Mother, Zokko!, Heroes, Camberwick Green, Ashes To Ashes, The Secret Service, Jackanory, The Flashing Blade, Belle And Sebastian (the TV series AND the band), black and white Doctor Who, Pink Floyd's infamous interview with Hans Keller, the identity of the books on Professor Yaffle's shelf, and lots more besides...!

You can get Well At Least It's Free in paperback here or from the Amazon Kindle Store.

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Well At Least It's Free is available in paperback here or from the Kindle Store here.