Doctor Who - The Sensorites


Doctor Who - The Sensorites (1964).

To a certain kind of viewer and enthusiast of 'old stuff', there are few things more exciting than early black and white Doctor Who, particularly at the height of 'Dalekmania'. Unfortunately, there are also a handful of stories that for various aren't quite as exciting, and 1964's The Sensorites is one of them. After a spooky and atmospheric first episode, it never really gets going and I have to admit that, despite the fact that it's got pretty much everything I'm looking for in sixties television and I really, really want to like it, it fails to hold my attention to the extent that whenever I try to watch it, I usually end up forgetting which episode I'm up to and have to look it up; sometimes even when I start watching the same episode again by mistake, I don't even notice until halfway through.

There's Not An Ounce Of Curiosity In Me! is a light-hearted feature on my attempts to make it through The Sensorites without losing my place, and to find out if there are actually reasons worth persevering with it after all, which you can read on my site here or find in a longer form in my book Can't Help Thinking About Me here. If you're interested in early Doctor Who, you can also listen to me debating its supposed 'problematic' reputation with Emma Burnell and Steve Fielding on the politics-meets-pop-culture show The Zeitgeist Tapes here.