Audio clips of my various appearances on radio shows and podcasts. If you're interested in getting me on to yours, please let me know...

Talk About The Electric Shoes
The legendary compilation album Nuggets takes centre stage as I have a chat with Ben Baker about the story behind the album, and how I first came to hear it.

Victoria Wood Tribute
At very short notice, I was asked to go on Mark Thompson's show on Music Mill FM to pay tribute to Victoria Wood. As you can imagine, what I had to say was a bit different to most of the coverage...

TV Remakes
With new TV remakes being announced left, right and centre, Mark Thompson invited me on to his show to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of remade shows, from The Prisoner to The Magic Roundabout and beyond...

Top Of The Box
Jonny Trunk, of the splendid Trunk Records and plenty more besides, invited me onto his world famous OST Show to talk about Top Of The Box and play some of my favourite oddities and obscurities from the TV Theme Single archives. You can hear the full show here.

'Going To ITV'
During a week of political defections, I was asked to appear on political commentator Mark Thompson's radio show to talk about what happened when big name celebrities jumped ship from the BBC to ITV and vice versa. Needless to say, I did not waste the opportunity to put the boot into good old Parky...

Band On The Run
As part of a series on overlooked albums, Ben Baker and myself take a look at Paul McCartney's moment of solo brilliance Band On The Run, talking about our favourite and least favourite tracks, sharing trivia about its making, revealing who we mistook the celebrities on the cover for, and trying our best not to have an impomptu game of Just A Minute halfway through.

Clangers Expert
When the BBC announced plans to revive the Clangers, I was invited onto the BBC News channel to talk about the show. I ended up being billed as a 'Clangers Expert', and the interview was shown as part of a loop of stories for two days; if I'd have known that was going to happen, I would have worn a slightly better shirt. Here's the audio of the full interview.