Looks Unfamiliar

Looks Unfamiliar is a podcast in which writer and occasional broadcaster Tim Worthington talks to a guest about some of the things that they remember that nobody else seems to. You can find all of the episodes to download below, or if you'd prefer you can subscribe in iTunes here.

Vikki Gregorich And Jeff Lewis [Download]
Game Developer Jeff Lewis and Board Game Collector Vikki Gregorich on Animalympics, Conrad's War, The Last American, Paul Biegel, Deathworld and The Secret Cabaret.

Mark Thompson [Download]
Political commentator Mark Thompson on Libby's Moonshine, A. Mazing Monsters, Agony, Being Erica, Hawkeye Collins And Amy Adams and We Know Where You Live.

John Rain [Download]
SMERSH Pod host John Rain on Your Mother Wouldn't Like It, E.T. Cola Creams, Trading Places Day, Murder In Space, Hello Mum and Oink!.

Phil Norman [Download]
Animator Phil Norman on S-S-S-Single Bed by Fox, Leapfrog, The Country Life Christmas Box, Humrush by KMD, Body Contact, Oscar The Rabbit In Rubbidge, Erasmus Microman and Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humpe And Find True Happiness?.

Jenny Morrill [Download]
Writer Jenny Morrill on Boots Global Collection, The Just Seventeen Yearbook, P&O’s La Mer Advert, an animation about a bird that gets turned into a bat, Diary Of A Manic Street Preachers Fan, and a film her dad remembers about some sheep.

Jack Kibble-White [Download]
Writer Jack Kibble-White on Don't Give Up Your Day Job by Richard Digance, Games World, Working For The Enemy, Arken Sword, Who's Next, and a Compose A New Theme Tune For This Morning competition.

Martin Belam [Download]
Journalist Martin Belam on the Laurel And Hardy cartoon, Faith No More on Top Of The Pops, missing scenes from Flash Gordon, touring space shuttles, a documentary on Dr. Mabuse by Propaganda, and New Order not being able to play Your Silent Face live.

Tim Worthington [Download]
Writer and occasional broadcaster Tim Worthington on The Only Way by Lisa Stansfield, The Brain, the Jackanory adaptation of Starstormers, a Public Information Film about boat safety, I Was Made To Love Magic by Nick Drake, Secrets From The School Underground, Skyman and Rubovia.

Garreth F. Hirons [Download]
Musician and writer Garreth F. Hirons on The Yellow Album by The Simpsons, The Frankie Goes To Hollywood Computer Game, Sweet 75, Linc’s, Transformers Action Masters, The Way Of The Tiger and Quatro.

Ros Ballinger [Download]
Comedian Ros Ballinger on Henry’s Leg, Waiting For Aliens, ice creams with real fruit in them, a schools safety video with Hannah Taylor Gordon, Microsoft Explorapedia and The Adventures Of Fat Freddy’s Cat.

James Gent [Download]
Writer James Gent on The Golden Oldie Picture Show, When The Wind Blows by David Bowie, Beeb Magazine, T-Rex Greatest Hits albums without any of the hits on them, Boxpops and the Montreux Special of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Darrell Maclaine [Download]
Designer Darrell Maclaine on Carols At Christmas by The Greater Manchester Police Choir, FunFax: Disguise And False Identity, Rubik’s Clock, The Brennan JB7 Advert, VTech Master Video Painter and the Children’s BBC Broom Cupboard 1996 April Fool’s Day Hoax.

Paul Kirkley
Writer Paul Kirkley on The Kids From Fame Again, the The A-Team novels, Del Amitri by Del Amitri, David Nobbs' Henry Pratt novels, The Beastmaster, The Saturday Picture Show and the Adam Ant comic strip.

Jonny Morris [Download]
Writer Jonny Morris on the BBC Micro Welcome tape, Jack Silver, Mr Spendy, The Carmen Ejogo Show, Dead Ernest and Jesta Giggle by The Barron Knights.

Una McCormack [Download]
Writer Una McCormack on Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay, Screw-Top Virgin Marys, Desert Wellies, the Melendy Family novels, Tales From The Edge Of The World and Trick Sticks.

Jacqueline Rayner [Download]
Writer Jacqueline Rayner on Quincy's Quest, Quosh Tropical, Klonks, El Bandido, Pippa Dolls and Honey Bear Spread.

Will Maclean [Download]
Writer Will Maclean on Once Upon A Time... Man, Galaxy High, In The Sofa, Powers Of Ten, 'The Snake' and The Episode Of The Sooty Show Where Sweep Had Brain Surgery.

Steve Berry [Download]
Writer, broadcaster and TV Crisp Expert Steve Berry on Single Versions Of Pop Songs That Never Get Played Any More, Elastoplast Heroes, United States Of Television, Skoal Bandits, Starblazer Electronic Space Command Belt and Morning Has Broken.

Samira Ahmed [Download]
Journalist and broadcaster Samira Ahmed on The Saturday Banana, Havoc, The Changes, Childhood Misapprehensions About The News, Nurdin & Peacock Own Brand Cola, The School Computer and that time that Picture Box used a clip from Cleopatra Jones.

Rae Earl [Download]
Writer Rae Earl on Rock’n’Bubble, The Home Cookery Club, Codename Icarus, Puzzle Party, comedy duo Cheese And Onion, and the episodes of Battle Of The Planets where Zoltar was a woman.

Steve O'Brien [Download]
Entertainment journalist Steve O’Brien on Simon In The Land Of Chalk Drawings, KP Sky Divers, Health And Efficiency, Ice Cold Cube and High Time by The Stone Roses, Brat Farrar and the Alfred Hitchcock And The Three Investigators books.

Lisa Parker And Andrew Trowbridge [Download]
Podcasters Lisa Parker and Andrew Trowbridge on Big John Little John, Virtual Murder, Matchbox Cascade, the Bobby Brewster books, Enid Blyton's Mr Pink-Whistle, and the Jaws game.

Mark Griffiths [Download]
Writer Mark Griffiths on Five Minutes by Mainframe, The Bloke Who Pulled His Pants Down On Kilroy, Disneyland by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Charles Hawtrey as a vampire on Runaround, BBC Records And Tapes' Off Beat Sound Effects, and missing the first episode of a new series of Doctor Who because you were at the Doctor Who exhibition in Blackpool.

Martin Ruddock [Download]
Writer Martin Ruddock on The Baker Street Boys, Doomlord, Robotix, The Fairy Tale Adventure, The Legend Of Tim Tyler and Thurman. 

Jem Roberts [Download]
Comedy historian and storyteller Jem Roberts on Doop, Dizzy (the ZX Spectrum game), Alien Blood, Nibbit Wheelz, Wet Wet Wet Being Any Good, and an advert reuniting Neil and Vyvyan from The Young Ones

Ben Baker [Download]
Ben is back for a second appearance talking about Toksvig, The Whizzkid's Guide, Mysteries Of Old Peking, Mo-Ho-Bish-O-Pi, Go (the 1999 film), and Making Your Own TV Listings Magazines.

Emma Burnell [Download]
Broadcaster, columnist and standup comic Emma Burnell on Whose Side Are You On?, Sweet Valley High, Scoubidou, The Patchwork Monkey, Split Second, and the Ever Ready 'Power To The People' advert.

Ben Baker [Download]
Writer, broadcaster and quizmaster Ben Baker on TV Mayhem, The Onion Bag, Fiendish Feet, the early internet craze for misidentifying every comedy song as 'by' Weird Al Yankovic, Bingo Brown, and the International Youth Service penpal scheme.

Stephen O'Brien [Download]
Writer Stephen O'Brien on The Office (the Steven Moffat one), LM magazine, You Can Do The Cube, Brilliant (the band), The Beachcombers and other last-minute ITV emergency schedule replacement standbys, and The Morecambe And Wise Board Game.

Mark Thompson [Download]
Radio host and political pundit Mark Thompson on Whiz Kids, Crash ZX Spectrum, Night Shift, Public Information Film family The Blunders, The Last Train, and The Drak Pack.

Garreth F. Hirons [Download]
Musician and writer Garreth F. Hirons on The Bigger The God, Food Fighters, Saboteur, The Triangle Of Terror, Sizzlin' Bacon Monster Munch, and Fun At The Funeral Parlour.

Phil Catterall [Download]
Podcaster Phil Catterall on Madballs Comic, Wise Up!, Phantom 2040, the Platoon computer game, Birdseye Steakhouse Grills adverts, and Star Wars: Droids.

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